The Wave

29. 6. – 2. 9. 2023

Radu Belcin (ROU)
Barbora Maštrlová (CZE)
Nina E. Schönefeld (DEU)
Magdalena A. Turzová (CZE)
Maik Wolf (DEU)

Curator: Tomáš Koudela

The curator of this exhibition project suggests that the forms and contents – at first sight seemingly incompatible – be subjected to confrontation with good will and a bit of time, longer than a moment, that can often offer surprising consequences of meaning.
The ways of how to view the world are still a medium worthy of special attention, just like all sorts of receptive practices of visual codes.
The obviousness, permanence, and contextual anchoring of relevant theoretical-practical contents is falsified by actual professional dictionary in some waves that tend to be – after retreating back to shoreless horizons – present, as a new morphology of nowness.
They can appear in front of us as structures coming out of their selves, ex nihilo…, or as „
Everyone is the other, no one oneself“1

Those of us that have lived through the experience of time as a meaning-value continuity, will surely not object to be world mates to those, whose path is a first insight – viewing existence and being in its extensively temporary claim to be perceived as an exhaustive report about the torn world.
Let’s perhaps try then together at GDM.

[1] LÉVINAS, Emmanuel. En découvrant l ́existence avec Husserl et Heidegger. Paris: Librairie philosophique J. VRIN. 2006, str. 118