About the Gallery

The GDM Contemporary gallery is a platform for presenting and selling contemporary fine art with primary focus on the Central Europe region, selectively also on other areas such as USA, Canada, Japan. In addition to a wide range of exhibition projects prepared for its own exhibition spaces, the GDM Contemporary gallery is also dedicated to presenting a subsequently commercial evaluating the artworks in partner institutions.

The main target of the GDM Contemporary gallery is to convey a valuable artistic experience to the contemporary art audience, thus such contemporary artworks which, in addition to a strong aesthetic sentiment, will be the bearer of an indisputable economic quality, a necessary prerequisite for the development and subsequent expansion of initial interest into a comprehensive whole of a possible collection, or investment.

The GDM gallery follows the exhibition projects that took place at the Coal Mine Michal in Ostrava and external exhibition projects that the initiators of opening of the GDM Contemporary gallery organized in other domestic and foreign institutions between 2017 and 2022. Once the collaboration with the Michal mine ended, these activities are moved to a new space in the Lower Vítkovice Region. The institutional scheme is being changed – the GTM Contemporary gallery becomes a private gallery. 

The curator of the gallery is Tomáš Koudela.
(Between 2009 and 2019, he studied Art History and Cultural History at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava (PhD). He works as an assistant professor at the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava, as an independent curator of Czech contemporary art and as a curator of GDM Contemporary. He currently lives and works in Ostrava and Ostravice (Czechia). Koudela is a poet, prose writer, curator, contemporary art theorist and art autodidact. He (sometimes using the pseudonym Jan Vrak) at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s worked as an editor in the Havířov Revue, then he worked for M.U.K.L, a publishing house. In 1992, he participated in founding the Votobia publishing house in Olomouc, where he held a leading position until 2005. In his fine artwork he devotes himself to visual poetry. Text becomes a visual material readjusted from original contents to new meaning contexts.)