Robert Kuśmirowski

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*1973, POL
He studied in the artistic department of the Institute of Fine Arts at the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin 1998–2003, where he graduated with a diploma in the sculpture studio of prof. Sławomir Andrzej Mieleszka. Lives and works in Lublin. Kuśmirowski is a Polish contemporary artist whose work includes sculpture, installations, performance and photography. His work uses reconstruction of historical artefacts and settings to examine and manipulate historical themes. Critics and interpreters usually call Robert Kuśmirowski 'the genius of fake‘, an 'ingenious imitator‘, and a 'counterfeiter and manipulator of reality‘. For the most part, his works are based on the reconstructing or copying of old objects, documents, photographs, or rather on the creation of delusively similar imitations. Often, they do not have a specific prototype, but only evoke the material culture of a certain time. However, their characteristic feature is watch-maker‘s precision and meticulousness.