22. 02. – 20. 04. 2024

John Isaacs (GBR)
Tuba Geçgel (TUR)
MK Kaehne (DEU)
Patrícia Koyšová (SVK)
Tereza Samková (CZE)
Ján Vasilko (SVK)

Curator: Tomáš Koudela
Co-curators: Pavel Forman, Dominik Pohludka

The value of every single artwork in solidarity with another, done in whatever other medium, is an undeniable chance of intense multiplication of spectator experience.
Such trivial curator attitude towards the task solution of a new exhibit season opening of the GDM Contemporary was at the birth of a project, introducing to the Ostrava observer a colorful mixture of varied, formal attitudes, making up the final picture of selected contemporary artistic expressions of Central European as well as non-European fine art scene. Expressive accents referring to strong and steady content and formal visual codes of modern fine art of the first half of the 20
th. Century will be present.
Artevolve, in its resulting composition gesture, is not only notably spectacular lingo of times lived now but, also, and undoubtedly, an authentic quality of newly settling visual meaning horizons.