30. 11. 2023 – 06. 01. 2024

Susu Gorth (DEU)
Martin Juef (DEU)
Clément Loisel (FRA)
Lucie Rosická (CZE)
Jakub Ružinský (SVK)
Jan Szczepkowski (POL)

Curator: Tomáš Koudela

It is possible to think in images not only through an identifiable narrative... But form is also a medium of consensual expression. The resulting external form is as valuable a story as the hidden, profound presence of content that spiritually encircles and contextualizes the visual unit as an individual or serial entity.

Anchored in tradition, both form and content stand out to the viewer not only as an affirmation of the straightforwardly offered continuity of value, but also as an ironic gesture, allowing for distance from the robust clarity and seemingly consistent logic of visual perception.

Mastercraft, then, is at once a nod to the intelligibility of a time that has been lived and lived out, as well as a time that is just authentically lived out in all its insistence on the value illegibility and ambiguity of meanings.