Petr Lysáček

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*1961, CZE
He studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts under Stanislav Kolíbal and Jiří Ptáček between 1987 and 1993. Since 1994 till 2022 he worked as the head of the Intermediate Forms Studio at the University of Ostrava (now the Department of Intermedia at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava). He lives and works in Brno and Ostrava. Experiment and humour are characteristic signs of Lysacek’s art. He deals with Dadaistic playfulness which he uses to create paintings, drawings, objects, photographs and performances. Lysáček works with the lines of post-modernism, or more accurately the height of postmodernism – postproduction while he transforms and recycles a wide range of everyday objects of consumption. Incorporating them in his art work whilst simultaneously and dramatically re-contextualising them and bringing them back to life in the dimension as art work.

Offered Artworks (Anticipation)